Questions for Your Doctor

Many people are afraid to learn that they have kidney disease because they think that all kidney disease leads to dialysis. However, most people with kidney disease will not need dialysis. If you have kidney disease, do not be afraid to ask your health care provider important questions about your health. The answers may help you prepare for treatment if you need it or ease your worries if you don't.

During your next health care visit, talk to your provider about your test results and how to manage your kidney disease. Below is a list of questions you may want to ask. Add any questions you think are missing, and mark those that are most important to you. Bring your list with you.

About Your Tests

  • Did you check my kidney health with blood and urine tests?
  • What was my GFR? What does that mean?
  • Has my GFR changed since last time?
  • What is my urine albumin level? What does that mean?
  • Has my urine albumin changed since the last time it was checked?
  • Is my kidney disease getting worse?
  • Is my blood pressure where it needs to be?

About Treatment and Self-Care

  • What can I do to keep my disease from getting worse?
  • Do any of my medicines or doses need to be changed?
  • When will I need to see a nephrologist (kidney specialist)?

About Complications

  • What other health problems may I face because of my kidney disease?
  • Should I be looking for any symptoms? If so, what are they?