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Common Terms 

  • GFR - Glomerular filtration rate. Your provider will check your GFR through a blood test to see how well your kidneys are filtering waste from your blood.
  • Albumin - A protein that circulates in your blood to maintain fluid balance and blood pressure. Your provider can check your urine for levels of albumin. High levels of albumin in the urine signify kidney damage.
  • Dialysis - A process that filters the blood of excess waste, salt and water when the kidneys are unable to do so by themselves.
  • Transplant - The replacement of damaged kidneys with a health kidney. The healthy kidney takes over the work of the failed kidneys. The healthy kidney may come from a person who has passed away or from a live donor. Medications must be taken after transplants to be sure that the new kidney continues to function properly.

Additional Resources

National Kidney Foundation - A comprehensive resource about kidneys, kidney disease and support for patients and their support systems
National Kidney Disease Education Program - Q&A regarding what chronic kidney disease may mean for you
American Diabetes Foundation - More information about kidney disease for those living with diabetes
Diet and Chronic Kidney Disease - Details and tips for maintaining a kidney-friendly diet

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